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Just as it can be easily misunderstood as to what the bible means by the word “slave” perhaps the “saint” word is even more difficult to grasp. Maybe you’ve heard the story of the two brothers – both crooked businessmen – who ran a small town. One of the brothers’s died; the surviving one – concerned about their image in the eyes of the town – offered a check for $25,000 to the local preacher if we would say of the deceased brother: “He was a saint.” The pastor gladly took him up on the offer. During the ceremony the remaining brother scowled on the front row as the preacher described the deceased as a crooked man who took advantage of widows and the poor, he was a no good, evil, swindler…but compared to his brother who sits here on the front row… He was a saint!”


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An ad appeared in a newspaper that read: “Farmer wants to marry woman, 35, with tractor. Send picture of tractor.” The first verse of Philippians gives us a picture of a Christian…


Can you believe how many award shows they have now? It seems like there is a show for everything – Even Commercials! The Clio Awards is a whole show of commercials, sponsored by commercials…That could be the quickest show you’ll ever watch: you could tape it and then fast-forwarded the whole thing. Don’t fast-forward through the first verse of Philippians. Here, in two words, Paul describes the Christian’s life…

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